Summer was on a Tuesday this year…

Posted on August 13, 2015 by


Our latest blog post, from Lynn Filson, Senior Recruitment Consultant at The Urquhart Partnership.

umbrellasThe past few weeks have seen some rather short bursts of sunshine with the majority of the weather pretty unsettled. Only a few weeks ago the Open Golf Championship at St Andrews had to be postponed until the strong winds dropped enough for play to continue and we have watched reports of the heavy rain and flooding at recent music festivals …. even for Scotland this is NOT a good summer!

As the old Scottish saying goes, summer was on a Tuesday this year…

So, what do we do in this situation … well, we prepare ourselves accordingly and crack on. I found myself laughing at some of the photos of friends who persevered at the music festival by donning their wellies and colourful waterproof capes and just getting on with it!

In business, the going isn’t always smooth either, and we have to manage in what can be a very difficult climate at times. So below are a few suggestions that might help get you through these unsettled times.

  1. Keep a positive attitude – staff morale and motivation can dip when the going gets tough but taking action and doing something positive, however little, can produce results in the longer term.
  2. Work collaboratively – as a team get round the table to see what you can do together.  We all know the old saying ‘Two heads are better than one’ and this is the time to share ideas and help one another to achieve success.
  3. Prepare for the future – what can you do?  Get round to doing those things that get put on the back burner in busier times.
  4. Get creative – be receptive to alternative ways of working, as by doing something differently or taking a new approach you may get better results
  5. Prepare for the “weather” – think about what the business really needs to do to handle difficult climate properly.

Here at The Urquhart Partnership we have been doing just that as a team and in supporting our clients; providing support to those affected by redundancy through our Outplacement services and coaching Managers responsible for handling redundancy discussions; re-engaging as a team and making action plans that keep us motivated; reviewing and improving HR and business processes to strengthen the company going forward.

So when the climate is a bit stormy and unsettled try to make the most of today and get ready to make hay when the sun shines again!