The changing job market and the need for improved selection…

Posted on May 26, 2015 by


selectionThe Aberdeen jobs marketplace has changed dramatically as a result of falling crude oil prices so what does this mean for internal recruiters?

When oil prices were high there were fewer active candidates on the market as those with strong experience and skills knew that they could make a few calls and expect to get the move they were seeking relatively easily and quickly.

As for passive candidates they may take a call from a recruiter / headhunter and consider a move because they didn’t consider this to be a risky thing to do.

Now there are more active candidates due to some large scale redundancies in the city, very few passive candidates can be attracted on to the market at a time when job security as at a premium.

Internal recruiters may see an increase in the number of direct applicants for their open vacancies but how can they be sure that these candidates are genuinely interested in this role as the next step in their career path and that they are not just intending to use the role until the oil price goes up again and something better comes along?

  1. By ensuring that those carrying out the interviews are fully trained and asking the right questions
  2. By looking more widely at the selection methods being used
  3. By using psychometrics to really understand behavioural strengths and weaknesses

A combination of any or all of these will help avoid costly hiring mistakes.

The Urquhart Partnership can help with a review of current practices and training and advice on any of the above.

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