Redundancy – Productivity Impact on the “Survivors”

Posted on May 6, 2015 by


A blog from Julie McDonald, Director of Assessment and Development at The Urquhart Partnership on the impact on productivity following redundancy…

Productivity DropI once read a quote which said that people are normally productive for about five to seven hours in an eight hour business day.

However, when a major change takes place, productivity can fall to less than one hour a day.

In the current economic climate in Aberdeen, when redundancies are occurring on a daily basis, those left behind can lose productivity to a point where the business may begin to suffer.

If organisations have a low trust culture or there has been a history of previous change failures, the period after redundancy may be even more difficult to recover from. 

By adopting the right approach and providing appropriate and timely support, organisations can recover from this quicker and much more effectively.

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