Video Based Training – Pros and Cons

Posted on April 29, 2015 by


Our latest guest blog comes from Vivian Tsang at Beamshare, about using video for training….

Infographic on using video for training

Infographic on using video for training

It’s no surprise that businesses increasingly regard training videos as a cost effective and convenient alternative to holding events.

By replacing classroom-based training with video portals, Microsoft reportedly saved 95% of their training costs.

Does this mean we should all jump on the bandwagon and start using videos for training?

Our infographic summarises some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this approach. It also details key points to consider in the first place.

Ensure the content of your training videos does not require constant updating

Keep videos short – trainees are more likely to watch the whole video if it’s 30 seconds or less.  For longer videos, ensure the most important part of your message is at the start of the video.

Make the content easily accessible. Your users may not be technically-minded and may not have a good internet connection.

Show training videos regularly to reinforce key points. One month after a single training event, learners retain only 20% of what they have been taught.

It’s vital to choose the right platform to help you produce and then deliver your training videos.

Ease of use and reliability will simplify the whole process and encourage your viewers to access the training material. For more help, contact Beamshare at