Urquhart Partnership announce 2 new Board appointments

Posted on April 29, 2015 by


We are delighted to announce the appointments to the Board of Muir Urquhart and Julie McDonald.

Congratulations to Julie on her promotion and welcome back Muir!

Copy of the press release announcement below.

Muir Urquhart and Julie McDonald appointed to the Board of The Urquhart Partnership

Muir Urquhart, Director of Consultancy Services, Julie McDonald,. Director of Assessment and Development and Campbell Urquhart, Group Managing Director of The Urquhart Partnership

Aberdeen-based HR, training and recruitment consultancy the Urquhart Partnership today announces the appointment of two new board members, as part of the company’s growth plans.

Muir Urquhart and Julie McDonald have been appointed as director of consultancy services and director of assessment and development respectively.

They join their brother Campbell, the firm’s managing director, on the board.

Muir, an Urquhart Partnership co-founder, returns to the business after time spent building his own HR consultancy. Chartered psychologist Julie has been with the company since 2002.

Both are now charged with expanding the business against the backdrop of what Muir describes as one of the most challenging periods the north east oil and gas industry has ever faced.

He will focus on business development and building the HR and organisational development consultancy services division. Julie’s promotion means she is responsible for leading growth of the Urquhart Partnership’s psychometric assessment tools and consultancy offering.

Muir said companies should seize the opportunity to proactively position themselves for the commodity price recovery by increasing effectiveness and efficiency through appropriate reorganisation, recruitment and redeployment, as well as staff engagement and training.

“While the downturn has created significant stress and uncertainty, it also brings opportunities for organisations to take stock and revisit their core HR processes.

“By looking at more efficient ways of working and genuinely investing in effective redeployment, organisations can often ride the storm without significantly damaging their capability, core competency and credibility.

“Those who are bold now and invest in employee development and engagement will reap the rewards come the time of the inevitable market upturn: they’ll be in a stronger place to attract new talent for the future,” he said.

The firm’s consultancy offering includes assisting clients through organisational reviews, providing advice and direction on outplacement and personnel redeployment, as well as resource planning and devising recruitment and training programmes to support new organisational structures.

Julie said: “We know our clients want to see tangible results from our targeted psychometric assessment, selection and development services: even more so against the backdrop of difficult trading conditions and reduced headcounts.

“Recently, for example, we’ve been working with a number of clients on focused leadership development programmes, helping them get the best out of their teams.

“We’ve also seen increasing demand for our psychometric tools, which add rigour and efficiency to the staff selection process, helping clients easily identify and hire the best person for the role.”

Campbell said: “These key appointments allow us to not only enhance our existing offering, but enable us to extend our services in a number of areas, including organisational development, reward strategies and employee engagement.

“Muir’s return really strengthens our company: given his considerable experience and strong links with the Urquhart Partnership and our core values.

“And, as a chartered psychologist and as someone who’s a well-known, experienced and respected member of the team, Julie is the ideal person to help clients realise the full potential of their employees.”