Trick or Treat!

Posted on October 30, 2014 by


…give me something good to eat.

PumpkinI don’t know about you, but Halloween was always a big deal to me when I was younger. Whether it was just visiting three or four neighbours when we were little, or traipsing round the streets as we got older, trying to get round as many doors as possible. Not easy when one of your group is fully bandaged as a Mummy, and another a bed sheet ‘ghost’ with poorly cut eyeholes…but I digress.

Although similar traditions such a ‘guising’ and ‘souling’ date back as early as 1895 in Britain and Ireland, ‘Trick or Treating’ as many now call it, only began to spread over from America in the late 1940s.

And by the age we were going out for Halloween, preparing your trick or treat ‘bit’ was almost as important as your costume (I favoured the joke book.).

But in all our years of guising, I don’t think we ever ‘tricked’ someone – even if they didn’t answer the door to us (or did, but thought we were trying to sell them the Green Final). Partly because we were too scared to do anything bad and also because it’s just downright mean.

Being tricked or deceived is a horrible thing but sadly many businesses do it too; whether it’s a full on scam or simply over-promising and under-delivering.

So whilst we are big fans of all things Halloween, here at UP we won’t ever trick you. We are here to support you in achieving your goals personally or as a business through our team of committed and experienced consultants.

We will:

  • LISTEN to get a full understanding of the issues
  • Be HONEST in our recommended solutions
  • CUSTOMISE a service to meets your needs and budgetary constraints
  • Establish TRUST through delivering a professional service
  • Provide TRANSPARENCY in our work through open communication

If you’ve been tricked before, or are just a little scared, it can be easy just to ‘shut the curtains’ and not answer the doorbell. But this Halloween, why not open the door and let The Urquhart Partnership treat you to a range of great services in HR, Training, Recruitment and Psychometrics!

Give us a call, or drop us an email and we’d be happy to come and visit you to discuss your needs (99% of the time, we’re not in costume!).