We’ve passed our exams too!

Posted on July 15, 2014 by


With the schools finished for the summer following their exams and University students graduating across the country, our team here at UP are also taking time to celebrate some academic successes.

BelbinEight new members of the UP team have recently completed the Belbin Team Roles Accreditation, certifying their knowledge of the Belbin Team Roles theory and giving them the ability to interpret Belbin reports.

Alan Clark, Lisa McKay, Christine Mitchell, Debbie Stewart, Kris Lynch, Sophie Anderson, Kayleigh Knight and Zoe Lumsden join the seven other members of the UP team who are already Belbin Accredited.

For those who’ve not heard us speak about it before, Belbin Team Role Theory describes the different strengths and weaknesses which individuals exhibit within teams. These strengths are described in terms of 9 different Team Roles which people have an affinity towards.

The various Belbin assessments can help organisations with a range of tasks including:

  • Helping people to work more effectively in teams
  • Enhancing the recruitment and selection process
  • Assisting employee/team/organisational development

Not only is the theory something that we support our clients with on an almost daily basis, it is something that we strongly advocate internally too;

  • All of our team members are Belbin profiled – including any new employees as part of our recruitment process.
  • We use Belbin WorkSet – a system that uses colour-coding to identify the different tasks and responsibilities that make up a job.
  • We regularly re-profile our teams – Belbin profiles will change over time or depending on the working group – ensuring we adapt to maintain the most efficient working relationships in our teams.
  • We even blog about it regularly – whether discussing fireworks or Christmas Elves on the UP blog, or Robert Burns on Belbin’s own blog!

Interested in learning more about our own team roles? Well, you can view the top three Team Roles of each member of the team over on the UP website! Can you find out how many Team Workers we have amongst us? Who do you think would be the strongest ‘Co-ordinator’? How many Monitor-Evaluators are in the wider team?

So now you know – if you ever hear us talking about ‘Plants’, ‘Shapers’ ‘Specialists’ and more, we’re discussing Belbin!

And if would like to know how these 9 Team Roles can help your business, please get in touch or look out for one of our (free!) Belbin Lunch & Learns.