Red Buzzer or Golden Buzzer?

Posted on June 3, 2014 by


This week we’re pleased to feature another blog from UP’s Lynn Filson, who’s been hooked on the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent!

As we near the finals she discusses that, whether it’s on stage at BGT or in a ‘real-life’ interview, first impressions count!

It feels like a long time coming but the final of Britain’s Got Talent is finally here!

From the open auditions which began late last year and the judges auditions in January to the live semi-final shows in May – and now here we are waiting for the grand final this Saturday!

Over the course of the series, I’ve enjoyed seeing which act would make Simon press the Golden Buzzer, who made Amanda cry and who prompted David to get up on the stage!

We all love seeing the entrants perform and are often equally entertained by the reactions and expressions from the judges and audience.  We watch in amazement at some of the more diverse acts… and with disbelief with those who clearly need to go back to the drawing board.

As always with the show, the decisions over whether or not an act will progress to the next stage can happen very quickly – with some people being voted out within seconds of starting their performance. We can also see that the majority of those that succeed are well prepared and rehearsed, helping the judges not only to see their raw talent, but to recognise their future potential.

This got me thinking about candidates going to interview, where they too have to impress an individual and possibly a panel of interviewers – but hopefully none as rude as Simon Cowell!

Interviewees should be aware of first impressions – turning up on time and dressing accordingly with the situation.  You might not be walking into the bright lights of a stage, but you are still there to present your skills and show what you can do – so nothing will help you more than prior preparation.

Be yourself, be confident (but not arrogant) and try to relax – most interviewers actually want you to do well – after all, they have a job to fill.

That said, they are looking for the best fit for the role and their team; importance should be placed on listening carefully to the questions, providing answers backed up with examples to demonstrate your strengths, skills and achievements, and highlighting your future potential as an employee.

Thankfully, real life job ‘auditions’ don’t come with a Red Buzzer….but how would you fare if they did? Would we be seeing you at the Finals?

To be as prepared as you can be, and make a great first impression, why not visit the tips section on our website to find out what you can do to demonstrate your Talent to the panel!