UP Enhances its Psychometric Services

Posted on April 24, 2014 by


UP Psychometric ServicesHere at UP, we like to practise what we preach when it comes to Training & Development.

Due to significant growth in demand for assessment & selection services, our busy team have been enhancing our offering by increasing the members of staff who are qualified to administer and interpret psychometric and ability assessments.

Our Recruitment Team Lead, Deirdre Strachan and Senior Consultant, Morna Ronnie are now both qualified under the BPS (British Psychological Society) to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and 16PF personality psychometric questionnaires.

These qualifications come at the end of a busy period for the team who have been steadily increasing capability amongst the consultants over the last 18 months, with additional members of the team now also qualified to administer ability and other psychometric assessments.

Alongside our dedicated Chartered Psychologist, Julie McDonald, the development of the newly qualified consultants means that several members of the team can now conduct a wide range of psychometric assessments including MBTI, DiSC, 16PF, OPQ and Belbin as well as a selection of ability & aptitude assessments.

Recruitment Team Lead, Deirdre Strachan said, “Psychometric and ability assessment form an important part of creating a well-rounded and fair selection process; providing a standardised, objective, valid and reliable method of assessing individuals or groups on a range of dimensions such as personality, motivation, verbal ability and numerical skills. It is a practice that almost all our clients wish to incorporate into their recruitment process to enhance their selection success.

From Graduate and entry-level positions right the way through to Senior Management and Directors, organisations want to ensure they test candidates rigorously and fairly, giving them the opportunity to make a more informed and accurate hiring decision.

Chartered Psychologist Julie McDonald added, “Conducting assessments as part of the recruitment process can help to identify clear development areas for successful candidates. In addition to being used for recruitment purposes, psychometric assessments can also be used to guide the development of individuals or teams.

“Having experienced an incredibly busy year for recruitment, assessment and development centres in 2013, we took measures to increase capability across the team to be ready to meet the increased demand that we are already experiencing in 2014.”