DEER digital – A New Tide Rises

Posted on January 30, 2014 by


Following our recent acquisition of DEER digital, we are delighted to announce the launch of the new name and brand for the company; Tide Studio.


The very creative team at DEER digital, came up with the new name / brand and what we think is a brilliant, and very innovative way to showcase their very own digital talents. And, very importantly, show how they could help your business; Tide’s very own live website evolution.

In the coming weeks, the Tide Studio website will evolve in a staged approach, aimed at demonstrating the full range of their digital skills and talent. Some of the strategic thinking behind the website will be shared and will be backed up with the reporting of key statistical information, which will demonstrate the tangible benefits they deliver with great website design and social media integration.

Although they will become the new Tide Studio, they will continue the DEER digital legacy of being a digital agency with the talent and expertise to create beautiful, yet purposeful solutions. Their in-house process and proven experience means they analyse your business challenges then develop digital solutions that deliver results and impact, through a coherent, measurable, digital strategy.

Interested in finding out how they could help your business digitally?  Then drop them a line…