You’ve Got To Be In It, To Win It!

Posted on December 9, 2013 by


Sometimes I sit and ponder (particularly at this time of year when money is flying out left, right and centre) what I would do if I ever won the lottery.

Who would I tell first? Who would I share it with? What would I spend it on? Where might I go on holiday?

The thoughts go round and round in my head – oh the possibilities! ….The trouble is, these wondrous and far-fetched thoughts are a wasted effort…because I never play the lottery.

No Lucky Dips, no Bonus Balls, Thunderballs or EuroMillions. I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve ever bought a ticket.

Yet each week, I’m sure there’s still a little part of me that sighs with disappointment when I don’t win the jackpot.

Yep, as the saying goes, you’ve GOT to be in it to win it.

Speaking of the importance of entering, did you know there is only a little over 2 months to go before your nominations for The cHeRries Awards have to be submitted? It might sound like a while away yet but once you include time off for Christmas and New Year there aren’t many actual working days left! Plus, it can always take longer than you think to collate evidence or testimonials from other colleagues to support the nomination.

So to help inspire you to start writing your entries, we thought we’d share a story from one of our previous winners:

Earlier this year, the Aberdeen Marriott Hotel wowed the judges and won the Exemplary Employer of Choice Award.  Here, the hotel’s General Manager Chris McGuinness discusses their cHeRries experience!

The Aberdeen Marriott Hotel

“We entered the cHeRries with some apprehension! With the competition laden with Oil & Gas representation we realised that as one of the very few Hospitality sector representatives that winning the category would be a tough.

“We found the process, from initial application through to meeting the judging panel was very professional and thorough, whilst questions were challenging we were given ample opportunities to demonstrate why we should be Employer of Choice.

The Aberdeen Marriott Hotel - on Stage“The event at the AECC was fantastic, we were thrilled to be short-listed for our category, the excitement was fever pitch once our name was read out as the winner!

“The entire team at the Aberdeen Marriott were and still are extremely proud to have won Employer of Choice at the 2013 cHeRries Awards, it has given us a real sense of “Team Achievement” to be recognised in this way and is certainly something that we continue to communicate through to both our employees and potential employees alike.

“I would strongly advise any company thinking about entering the competition in 2014 to go for it, it is a fantastic way to recognise not only the great work which our HR departments do but wider teams as well.”

So if you know of an individual, team or organisation who excels in HR, Training or Recruitment – why not nominate them for a cHeRry Award?

We’re a modest bunch up here in the North East, but don’t be shy! And as we say in our nomination top tips – shout about your achievements and be proud! Impress the judges and it might be YOUR story we are sharing here next year!

For more information on all the award categories, our previous winners, sponsors, judging panel, top tips and more, visit The cHeRries Awards Website