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I’m so happy! Happy go lucky me!
I just go my way, Living everyday!
I don’t worry! Worrying don’t agree,
Things that bother you, Never bother me!

A cheery song and a mantra we’d all like to live by, but for many stress and worry can be a part of everyday life.

The recent Big Work Survey of over 2000 UK working adults revealed that 64% of us admit to being stressed at work…with Scottish workers being the most stressed at 71%.

StressThe research also found that (89%) of UK workers are also guilty of ‘presenteeism’ (a topic we’ve blogged about before!), nearly half of us (46%) eat lunch at our desk/place of work, and 54% don’t take breaks (other than lunch) on a typical day.

Employees often feel like their workload is out of control and pressure only continues to mount when deadlines loom (or pass) without keeping on track of progress. Work-life balance also suffers as they stay late or work out of hours to try to manage their tasks.

It’s no wonder that excessive stress can lead to reduced productivity and can impact on your health; both physically and emotionally.

High levels of stress in the workplace can then lead to a drop in overall productivity, as well as low levels of employee morale and higher levels of absenteeism.

Sometimes it can just feel like there are not enough hours in the day…or are there?

But when hosting a Lunch & Learn the other week, with guest host Cheryl Osborn of Motiv8 Solutions, we heard about their Smarter Not Harder (SNH) programme which is helping attendees gain back 5-10% of their working week in as little as 6 weeks – improving productivity, restoring work/life balance and reducing stress.

Smarter Not HarderAs HR, Training & Recruitment consultants, we are often asked to provide training to give delegates a basic handle on Stress and Time Management; but what the SNH programme does is really take time management training to the next level and is an excellent intensive solution for improving productivity.

We’re delighted to be working with Cheryl and Motiv8 Solutions and think the SNH Programme looks very robust.

Here, Cheryl discusses the Programme and how it works:

“We recognise that the way people are required to work has changed with the digital age and employees often struggle to meet the demands on their time. SNH is a programme designed to help increase productivity and effectiveness in the workplace. Previous attendees have gained 5-10% of their working week back after as little as 6 weeks. The course is simple and easy to apply and most importantly it’s been proven effective in reducing stress by countless companies and individuals.

“The Smarter Not Harder programme aims to provide quick simple techniques which can be implemented immediately after the programme. This will help participants to work in the most time effective way so they leave feeling more in control of their workload.

“From sales executives to directors, anyone and everyone is suited to the programme because the skills taught in this programme are easily applied to most roles. However the programme itself is most suited to those who want to regain control of their time and become more efficient and productive with the time they have. The programme covers:

  • Simple techniques to deal with email overload
  • How to stay focused and deal with interruptions
  • Easy ways to prioritise and plan more effectively
  • How to cope with the pressure of unforeseen changes to your schedule
  • New habits to improve your Time Management Skills daily
  • How to banish worry and remain calm
  • Minimise meeting and travel time

“The complete programme consists of an initial consultation, warm up exercises, a one day catalyst workshop and a period of 1-2-1 coaching and support over the telephone for 9 weeks with an SNH coach.”

As Christmas and New Year roll around, stress both at work and home can build up to extreme levels and I’m sure once the time has come and gone, we all promise ourselves to not let it get as bad again.

In fact, some of most common New Year’s resolutions include being more organised, less stressed and improving work life balance.

We already know that 2013 has been an incredibly busy year operationally and with tighter resources, new projects and increasing workloads on the horizon, how are you placed to tackle the challenges of 2014?

So, with less than 6 weeks to go until 2014 why not contact Cheryl or Harvey at Motiv8 Solutions and help yourself to work Smarter, Not Harder.

Smarter Not Harder:

For more information, available dates and prices please contact Cheryl or Harvey at Motiv8 Solutions on 0845 548 3700 and quote ‘The UP Blog’.