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Guest Bloggers

Could YOU be our next Guest Blogger?

There’s a world of great blogs out there in Aberdeen. Whether you want to read about Food, Photography, Business, Music, Politics or even just thoughts from Aberdonians, there is a growing local Blogging Community.

One of the great things about having a blog is getting to open up the floor to guest bloggers – it can give you the chance to host articles on complementary blogging subjects (which might not be your main area of expertise) but are of interest to your readers.

At the same time, if mutual links between bloggers are built, you often get the chance to Guest Blog yourself on another site which is a great way to reach a different audience.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been lucky enough to have a fab range of guest bloggers come and write for us; from employment law and mediation, to marketing and communication and even some great ‘food for thought’ posts.

We’re always happy to hear from prospective guest bloggers and are delighted to return the favour and write for other blogs too. If you would be interested in writing for The UP Blog, please get in touch!

In the meantime, why not take a look at some of the other great guest blogs we’ve had to date:

Quest to Impress
Our first guest blog! Emma Gordon, Head of Public Relations at Fifth Ring, discussed why employers should be as keen to impress as prospective employees.

Damned if I Do and Damned if I Don’t
Brian Rogers, Partner at Lewis Hymanson Small LLP in Manchester, discussed the issues surrounding reporting potential regulatory problems.

Leave the Technology in your Pocket
Conor Crowley, Consultancy Director at Atkins Oil & gas UK, who was challenged to give up technology for his holiday! Could you do the same?

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad…..Boss?
Brian Rogers, Partner at Lewis Hymanson Small LLP in Manchester, asks: ‘Is it only in politics that managers can be brutal and volcanic?’

The Law or Us?
Claire Walsh, managing partner of Brighton-based leadership development, executive coaching and learning & development consultancy firm LCP discussed who is responsible for improving UK workplace discrimination.

Shall We Mediate or Eat Fungus?
Employment lawyer and mediator Lili Hunter discussed mediation.

Pro(fessional)s and Con(artist)s?
Lisa Arnold, PR Administrator at Fifth Ring looked at the benefits (for both parties) of taking on a university/college intern.

You’ve Won a What?
John Booth, Deputy Chief Executive of VSA,  discussed what winning a cHeRry meant to him.

Recruiting the Next Generation
Laura Duncan, then a final year Management with Marketing Student at RGU, discussed using social media as a tool for graduate recruitment.

The (Aberdeen) Social Network!
Andrew Smith, co-founder of independent Aberdeen business development company, nextbusiness tells The UP Blog about pros, cons and eyebrow raising moments he has encountered over at the Aberdeen Business Network site, Aberdeen’s largest online business community.

Difficult Conversations
Eugene Clarke of TalkBuddy gives advice on dealing with awkward communication situations.

Energising Your Future – and Mine!
Karen Clark, Project Manager at Enterprise North East Trust (ENET). Karen’s post, following a trip to the Energise your Future Event, reminds us all how important it can be to get the basics right.

You Learn Something New Every Day
Nikki Lebedis, now one of UP’s consultants, discussed ‘Experiential Learning’ –  a very interesting and useful read for those who are looking to make the most of learning from experience.

We need a Finance Manager in Beijing, Yesterday.
Jane Innes, Managing Director of Investing in Nomads, advises on the various issues which might arise when an international assignment isn’t planned correctly.

Putting the People into your Marketing Mix
Julie Mitchell-Mehta, owner of Aberdeen-based marketing consultancy, Début Marketing, explains why ‘People’ should be considered as one of the most important ‘P’s in your marketing mix