28 Days Later…

Posted on October 1, 2013 by


For many, the words ‘28 days later’ might bring rather unpleasant thoughts to mind.

A post-apocalyptic Britain, raging ‘Zombies’ with blood-shot eyes, Cillian Murphy running around with his shirt off… (wait…actually, that last one’s not so bad!).

But for a few people in Aberdeen, the phrase now has a much more positive meaning to it.

Back on September 3rd, Aberdeen digital agency DEER digital announced that it would be closing its doors following difficulties. As they took to Twitter to announce the news, their network was shocked and saddened to hear the announcement.

Within 30 minutes of DEER digital tweeting the news, UP’s MD and all round top-banana, had also seen the tweet…and the opportunity to help!

What followed was a very busy couple of weeks, full of discussions, excitement and lots of paperwork, as The Urquhart Partnership Holding Ltd acquired the company.

So here we are, a mere 28 days later and following all the crossed T’s, dotted i’s (and even some crossed-eyes reading all the paperwork), we’re delighted to announce that the acquisition has been concluded.

Following some restructuring DEER digital have remained open with a core team of 5 employees and the team here at UP are really looking forward to working with them!

What a difference 28 days make!