How far will your cHeRries flUP flops travel?!

Posted on July 15, 2013 by


The summer holiday period can be a tough time if you’re stuck in the office…especially if your own holidays are either already over or non-existent!

What’s worse is when your jet-setting colleagues start uploading their gorgeous holiday photos to Facebook or Instagram…and we office-bound folk are left with nothing to do but mope over them all at lunch.

But some people really take the biscuit….

Not content with posting photos of ice-cold drinks beside a beautiful pier, UP’s Training Team Lead, Nikki Lebedis decided take to rubbing in her summer holiday that one step further…sending us a personalised postcard with a photo of her cHeRries flUP flops…sitting on a boat at sunset!

FlUP Flops

cHeRries flUP FlopsWe were very jealous!

But it got us thinking – how far do our special cHeRries flUP flops travel? What beautiful vistas do they take you to? How many of the 7 wonders can they see?

So we’d like to know!

Send us a photo of your travelling flUP flops and we’ll choose some of the best to be shown at the cHeRRies awards next year!

And even if you are stuck in Aberdeen – why not get creative with your snaps?!

Happy summer!