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Gray's School of ArtThis week, we’d like to take a minute share something from Gray’s School of Art, who are looking for sponsors to help send three of their students to Venice this year to join the Information Assistants Programme for Scotland + Venice at the 55th Venice Biennale. It’s a great opportunity to help support young artists and Scottish art!

Two Fine Art undergraduates, 4th year Painting student David McDiarmid and 4th year Sculpture student Laura Reilly along with Fine Art Graduate-in-Residence Rachael Grant, have recently been selected to participate in an exceptional professional development opportunity at the Venice Biennale 2013.

Founded in 1895, The Venice Biennale is the oldest and one of the most significant platforms for the promotion of contemporary art in the world. 2011 was the 54th presentation and attracted over 444,000 visitors over the six month exhibition period, where 89 countries were represented. Following devolution in 1999, Scotland exhibited independently for the first time in 2003 to acknowledge and celebrate the quality of art coming out of Scotland.

2013 will be the sixth presentation by Scotland + Venice, a partnership between Creative Scotland, National Galleries of Scotland, British Council Scotland, and curatorial partner The Common Guild.

Rachel, David and Laura will be part of a team of Information Assistants: a vital part of the Scottish presence at this global art event. Each will spend around 40 days in Venice where they will be responsible for the invigilation and day-to-day operation of the exhibition and to provide a first point of contact for visitors to the Palazzo Pisani where Scotland’s three selected artists, Duncan Campbell, Corin Sworn and Hayley Tompkins will present new work.

The Information Assistants Programme exists to promote the professional development of students through training, workshops, mentoring, support and discussion, offering a genuinely engaging experience that will continue to grow during and after their time in Venice.

We are currently seeking sponsorship opportunities from organisations or individuals who would like to support these young artists in this potentially life-changing experience. By supporting David, Laura and Rachel you will also be helping Scotland present at the Venice Biennale to acknowledge and celebrate the quality of art coming out of Scotland.

To find out more, please contact Allan Watson, Head of Fine Art:


Telephone: 01224 263723