The Pick of The cHeRries

Posted on November 2, 2012 by


How quickly times flies…it seems like just a few weeks ago we were announcing the winners of the 2012 cHeRries Awards, and here we are launching for 2013!

Yes, the cHeRries Awards 2013 have now opened for nominations.

The awards, which are going into their sixth year of rewarding excellence in HR, training and recruitment, have seen finalists and winners from individuals, teams and companies of all shapes and sizes across the north-east of Scotland.

Writing an awards submission can be an art in itself…it requires a good evidential support, the ability to tell a story in a concise way as well as a bit of creative flair.

Of course the awards website has a list of tips to get you started, but how about this….we’ve only got you a fab guest blog from a cHeRries expert!

This week we are pleased to hear from Sylvia Halkerston, who has been a member of the cHeRries judging panel since the creation of the awards!

Sylvia, who has a career spanning over 30 years in Human Resource Management, was also chosen by key members of Aberdeen’s HR and Business communities as the winner of the Top cHeRry Award for Outstanding Contribution at the cHeRries in 2012.

Here, Sylvia gives her advice on submitting an nomination.

An entry to The cHeRries Awards is a challenge and an opportunity…which would you want it to be?

The challenge is not that the submission is an onerous task, but that it challenges the writer to capture that which makes the entry stand out from the rest.

Over the years it has become clear that there is a great deal of outstanding work being done in the HR field in and around Aberdeen, so the entries which go on to become finalists must be able to put into a nutshell why they should be considered worthy of one of these prestigious awards.

When writing a nomination, it might be clear to the writer and indeed their whole team/organisation that they are good, but does it tell an independent third person why they are so much better than every other submission?

In addition the challenge is that, in the event that the entry becomes a finalist, the claims can be substantiated and verified at the interview stage. Do you talk with passion, conviction and knowledge about your claims?

The opportunity is obvious, where better than the cHeRries to showcase HR in your company, to prove the value which excellent HR has brought to your company’s success and inevitably in showcasing that successful, forward thinking company/organisation.

The cHeRries has progressed from the platform to showcase best practice in HR, to also showcasing the success of companies which have benefitted from the invaluable input from innovative, strong and focussed HR people.

In a nutshell, the judges need to see HR which stands out from the crowd, HR which has sat at the top table with operations and technical, and which is proactive in the best use of the human resource and the management of that human resource to add value to the company/organisation.

Inspired? Raring to get writing? Then head over to The cHeRries Awards website to find all you need including categories, criteria and the all important nomination forms.

Nomination forms should be submitted by Friday 8th February 2013. Full Terms & Conditions can also be found on the cHeRries website.