Celebrate with a Star!

Posted on October 16, 2012 by


As many of you will be aware UP’s Managing Director, Campbell Urquhart, forms part of the fantastic committee team who run the city’s Celebrate Aberdeen Parade.

The event, which has just run for its 2nd year, helps to unite and highlight the diversity of Aberdeen’s third sector, as well as help to thank them for their contribution.

The parade in full swing

This year’s spectacular June parade featured over 3500 participants including 130 third sector organisations and 300 entertainers and once again helped to raise the profile of a huge range of charities, community groups and third sector organisations across the area.

An incredible amount of effort, time and skill goes into running the parade each year, and those who form the committee behind the event are only too happy to help.

With plans for the third year of the parade in 2013 already underway, we’re delighted to see that the event has been presented with a Cornerstone Star Award, in recognition of the parade’s support of Cornerstone and the wider Third Sector in the North East.

The award comes after a glowing testimonial from Cornerstone’s Corporate Relations and Fundraising Co-ordinator, Vanessa Smith, who said:

“Whilst writing this nomination on behalf of Cornerstone, I realise that I am speaking on behalf of the whole Third Sector of Aberdeen in recognising and thanking the people behind Celebrate Aberdeen for the opportunity to come together in such a positive way. 

“We have a very powerful message, both collectively and individually, for the communities we work in every day and the chance to demonstrate the size and scope of the activities we undertake as a sector is invaluable.

“…it would be a great message to send back to the Celebrate Aberdeen team and would show them how much the Third Sector values the opportunity to be part of such a great event.”

Campbell, who along with fellow members of the Celebrate committee, collected the award at the Cornerstone AGM at the Marcliffe Hotel, said:

“This award really has meant a lot to the parade team. We’re delighted that the event continues to grow each year; both in terms of the number of participants as well as the acknowledgement and recognition it helps achieve for the third sector organisations and sponsors that take part. We’re looking forward to making the 2013 parade the best yet!”

The Star Awards recognise and celebrate the excellent work that Cornerstone’s staff and volunteers do every day. More information on the award nominees and winners can be found on the Cornerstone website.

For information, updates and news about the Celebrate Aberdeen Parade, please visit the event’s website.