Energising your future – and mine!

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This week we are pleased to be joined for our 11th guest blog, with Karen Clark, Project Manager at Enterprise North East Trust (ENET). Karen’s post, following a trip to the Energise your Future Event, reminds us all how important it can be to get the basics right.

Energising your future – and mine!

Last week we took some of our latest participants on the Recruit Programme (an employability programme for winter school leavers) along to the AECC to the OPITO Energise your Future event.

Were they energised?  The oil and gas sector is such a large, diverse sector that it is a bit mind-blowing but all the same basic principles apply for that of any role in any sector.

If you want to get on, you have to prepare; find out what area you are interested in, what qualifications do you need, who should you speak to, do the groundwork, speak to people in the industry, build up your network…

It’s all about the preparation and our Recruits had certainly done the work – rehearsed their introductions, knew what they wanted to find out about and did it.  We were proud of them – especially as they had been at their first networking event just the night before.

So many new things in a short space of time for them, but,  it reminded me of the basics – to prepare, to find out who I want to speak to, to do the groundwork, to put the work in to succeed.

Working with young people is energising; you forget how good trying and succeeding at new things can be and a reminder of the basics is always a good thing.

As a wise man said to me this week – it’s all in the preparation!

Karen is spot on about how getting basic, but important, things right can impact your career success – particularly for those looking for their first step on the career ladder.

As part of the Energise Your Future event, UP’s Managing Director, Campbell Urquhart, took to the stage as part of the day’s Employability Skills Workshop. Campbell spoke to school kids about, above all, the importance of a good attitude as well as talking about the skills employers look for, CV, job search & interview tips and gave advice on how to find the right career.

For more information on the Recruit Programme, please visit the page on ENET’s website.

For further tips on searching for a job, interview FAQs and CV advice, head over to the UP Top Tips section on our website, which has lots of videos and guides to look through.

For more information on the Energise Your Future events and getting started with a career in the Oil & Gas Industry, visit www.myoilandgascareer.com