Spring Forward, Fall Back

Posted on September 21, 2012 by


So here we are; the leaves are starting to fall, humongous spiders are suddenly invading our homes and the familiar sound of flocks of geese will soon be filling the skies.

Yep – autumn is upon us. This Saturday, September 22nd, marks the Autumn Equinox and from here on in until Spring we’re set to have more hours of darkness than daylight.

In addition, when we reach Saturday it will be just 100 days until the end of 2012 (…and without mentioning the ‘C’ word,  I’m sure you can work out the number of until the return of the jolly fat man in the red suit!)

I honestly don’t mean to send anyone into a panic by stating this, instead to encourage you to use these last 100 days of this year wisely.

Back at the beginning of the 2012 we posted a blog about making SMART objectives for the year. I’m sure many of you did the same and set your own resolutions, goals, dreams and aspirations for the year to come.

Looking back on it now, how have you done?

Here at UP, we often work with clients on training for Appraisal/Performance Management skills – helping to better inform both managers and employees on what to expect from their annual reviews and the surrounding process.

By incorporating ‘SMART objectives’, one of the key points focuses on how targets and goals set at performance review meetings should be measurable, by which you set a measurement against each target so that you can check your progress. Therefore, whilst you may set your performance objectives for the year at an annual meeting, you should ensure that you don’t leave it a whole year before reviewing your targets.

Instead, it should be a regular and ongoing process, where perhaps you have a 6 month catch-up, as well as making sure to organise as-hoc review meetings if any issues occur. For example, if something is getting in the way of achieving the goals set – perhaps some training  or coaching is needed –  then don’t leave it until the next review to bring it up. Instead, arrange a quick meeting and try to resolve the issues sooner, to allow for real progress.

The final countdown

With the year beginning to draw to a close, the nights getting darker and days getting colder, it can seem easy to give up on your goals. Perhaps you even abandoned them long before now?

“I’ll start again the New Year”, you might say.

But don’t give up yet. It may feel like the year is heading to a close, but remember that 100 days is still nearly a third of the year!

Try and revive that ‘I CAN do it’ feeling that we all get on the 1st of January; whether you resurrect that long forgotten goal, or just give a current target a bit of a kick-start, see what you can achieve before the year is out.

Get UP and go!

So…you’ve built up the momentum ready to get going again to achieve your professional goals for the year…but perhaps something is standing in your way.

Well, you’re in luck because there’s a wide range of things that we here at UP can do to help you achieve some of the most common workplace goals. And we come with oodles of ‘Mr Motivator’ spirit too…just less annoying.  🙂

So whether you’re interested in learning more about Performance Management/appraisal skills (including an e-learning package), undertaking management skills training, arranging for coaching/mentoring, developing your staff and teams or even just getting round to updating your employee handbooks, we can help!