Haar are you feeling?

Posted on July 10, 2012 by


‘Summer’ in Aberdeen….

Ask someone to picture the summer weather in Scotland and it’s unlikely that most will think of scorching temperatures, balmy nights or cloud free skies.

Sad but true, more often than not we’re faced with low-level cloud, scattered showers and the odd plague of midges.

Our hopes are never set high, but most summers we are still lucky enough to have a few sunny spells amongst the usual dull days where we can be confident enough to leave the brolly at home, wear a lighter jacket and (just sometimes) plan a BBQ.

But not this year. Not yet anyway…

Here we are in July, having faced the UK’s wettest June since records began, being told to expect more of the same!

In Aberdeen, and along a lot of the North East coast, we are quite often faced with haar and fog, making some days seem even colder and more miserable.

The other day, a colleague of mine was feeling grumpy but didn’t know why; nothing had bothered her in particular but it was just a feeling she couldn’t shake.

Faced with yet another foggy, dull and wet day, I suggested that it was maybe due to the weather. “Probably” she sighed.

I wonder – how many other people are feeling the same? Could this bad weather be having an effect on the moods of workers across the country?

Although links between ‘miserable’ weather (such as rain or a cold wind) and mood levels have not been proven, we do know that there are links between low levels of light and feeling down or depressed (for example Seasonal Affective Disorder or ‘SAD’).

However, although our current bad weather can make a day feel dull, we still have significant hours of light (albeit obscured by cloud) with the sun coming up before 5am and not disappearing until almost 10pm.

Perhaps it’s just a case of a dull day equals a dull disposition and that the rain has dampened our spirits? Or has the fog just clouded our judgement?

So although the weather man isn’t promising much in his…how is your own outlook?