Using LinkedIn for Recruitment?

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The Urquhart Partnership brings you a training session with ‘Mr. LinkedIn’!

Friday, August 3rd 2012

1:30pm until 4:30pm

Café Coast
Beach Boulevard
AB24 5HP  

Tickets £95 +VAT

Refreshments Included

*A link to our online payment system will be sent to you upon reservation. Booking will be treated a provisional only and will only be classed as confirmed when payment has been received. 

To reserve your space* please contact Lucy Thomson on 01224 651815 or email

Mark Williams, aka Mr LinkedIn

Trainer Mark Williams, aka Mr LinkedIn, will be joining us for the afternoon

Seen as the professional social networking site; LinkedIn can help you network, look for jobs, be recruited…and recruit!

It’s no wonder then that most recruiters now use LinkedIn on a daily basis; we expect to be able to find most people with some form of LinkedIn profile.

As a sourcing tool it is unrivalled in its ability to access ‘passive’ job seekers. The key to successful use of LinkedIn however is to understand that it is more than just a sourcing tool or a place to advertise vacancies.

Our first chance to impress someone is very often through our LinkedIn profile, so ensuring we create the right impression is critical.

LinkedIn is a living and breathing online networking community; understanding this and understanding how to use its power to increase your profile is an important business skill which will allow you to build more relationships and ultimately become more successful.

Mr. LinkedIn

Following on from our successful ‘How to Win Business Using Social Media’ seminar, the Urquhart Partnership is pleased to be hosting a ‘LinkedIn for Recruitment’ training event. We’re delighted to be joined by “Mr. LinkedIn”, Mark Williams.

Following a 20 year career in the Recruitment industry, Mark has been training recruitment professionals how to use LinkedIn since 2008, and was the first trainer in the UK to be certified by LinkedIn.

Who can this help? Agenda
  • Business Owners and Leaders
  • Business Development Consultants
  • Recruitment Consultants 
  • Executive Search Consultants
  • Corporate (Internal) Recruiters
  • Resources and Researchers
  • HR Professionals
  • Understanding the mechanisms of a network
  • How to create and optimised & impressive profile
  • Network building strategies
  • Using groups to increase your visibility and make new contacts
  • Searching including finding ‘hidden’ profiles
  • Communication methods
  • Research & market intelligence tools

 Key Outcomes

  • An effective and impressive profile to help you stand out from the crowd and ensure a positive first impression
  • A clearly defined connection strategy and a good understanding of how to build an effective network to give you greater access to more users
  • Correct privacy settings to ensure sensitive information is not being given away to clients, candidates or competitors
  • A greater understanding of the benefits of groups and a strategy to ensure effective visibility within selected groups
  • An understanding of how to use the advance search function to find people and obtain market intelligence
  • Effective communication techniques

Why attend?

Most recruiters use LinkedIn and are usually self-taught; this can be troublesome as many features and techniques can be missed. This session will ensure clarity and inspire you to consider using LinkedIn in the widest context.

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