Game On!

Posted on May 17, 2012 by


You might have heard of mobile libraries here in Aberdeen…but did you know about the mobile activity arena?! Intrigued?! Let us explain!

Streetsport is a youth ‘diversionary tactics’ initiative based at RGU:SPORT in Aberdeen. Their goal is to reduce the number of instances of youth crime and anti-social behaviour by promoting health and wellbeing and encouraging inclusivity through sport, physical activity and creative endeavour.

How do they do this? They use sports and other creative activities to provide alternatives for young people during the evenings. By deploying temporary mobile arenas into a number of locations throughout the city, they are able to take activities directly to young people within their own communities!

To watch the arena spring up from nowhere, and find out some of the views of those taking part you can click here to watch a video.

Set up in 2006, the project has been working in 12 venues across the City of Aberdeen, tacking areas with high levels of youth crime and anti-social behaviour.  Current activities include:

  • Football,  Freestyle Football
  • Basketball
  • Touch Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Street Art, Street Dance and more!

In 2011, over 3000 young people took part in the scheme and it has been seen to reduce the number of complains of anti-social behaviour amongst youths in some areas by up to 66%.

In recent years Streetsport has developed and sustained partnerships with many local agencies, trusts and charities. However the initiative also relies on the generous financial contribution of local companies to support its activities.

The programme is currently seeking funding for 2013 and there are a number of ways in which companies can support them.

For more information on the scheme, or to find out more about the various sponsorship opportunities available, please contact Kay Marshall, RGU’s Development Manager or visit the Streetsport website.