Effectiveness of Social Media in Recruitment

Posted on March 2, 2012 by


Happy Friday, readers!

Earlier this week you may have seen the fab post on ‘Recruiting the Next Generation’ from our guest blogger, 4th Year RGU Management with Marketing student, Laura Duncan.

Laura’s article looked at the role Social Networking sites will play in recruiting graduates. It’s certainly an interesting topic and will no doubt have got a lot of you thinking and wondering; “how effective are social media sites are at recruiting, not just graduates, but candidates of all ages?”

This is exactly the topic that fellow 4th year Management with HR student, Jessica Lee, is conducting her final year thesis on. 

As part of her 3rd year placement, Jessica worked with a global oil and gas company in the recruitment department, where one of her sole responsibilities was recruiting through social media.  It was this which inspired her thesis topic.  

As part of the project, Jess will be interviewing local recruiters in Aberdeen, to discover and evaluate the perception of job seekers and recruiters on the use of social media sites. She will then compare the views of ‘sceptics’ with those who commend the idea.

In addition, Jess is also conducting an online survey – if you find yourself with a spare couple of minutes after reading this, I’m sure she’d be very grateful it you would complete it:  http://kwiksurveys.com?s=LHOIIM_34314f79

For more information on Jessica’s research or if you have any queries please email: j.lee3@rgu.ac.uk