Dear Santa…

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For many years as kids we diligently wrote our letters to Santa, full of excitement and anticipation of what the 25th of December might bring us. Provided we were good little boys and girls of course…safe to say I had a few nervy Christmas Mornings, keeking round the door to see if Santa had really been watching everything! Thankfully he was either very forgiving or otherwise distracted.

It’s been a fair few years since I wrote my last letter to Santa, so think one is way overdue.

So here it is…




Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, please can I please have the following…

  • Some more new clients – to add to the collection of lovely clients we have already.
  • A few more interesting new projects in exciting locations likeEast Africa.
  • Some fab new colleagues to work with to help us deliver the extra work we expect to win next year.
  • A steady oil price – so that the next year or two remains buoyant in the North Sea – right the way up to the North Pole!
  • A tangerine and an apple – 2 of my 5 a day…(Ok, before you say anything, zip the lip, it’s grapes innit?)
  • Finally, can we all please have some competent Politicians and also some Bankers that lend money to small businesses instead of paying themselves fat bonuses out of the cash we all bailed them out with. (Please don’t worry if you cant give this as a present. My daddy already said that was an awful lot to ask for and not to get my expectations up. I know you can deliver present to everyone in the world in one night on your own, but even I realise this may be too difficult even for you).

I have been a good little boy this year; have worked hard and kept out of mischief. Well, mainly kept out of mischief…so please can you help make my Christmas wishes come true?

Fank yoo

Lots of love



Aged 43 and ¾

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