Elf Selection

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Now recruiting: Christmas Elves

If you think you’re having a busy time just now, trying to buy presents, fretting over having to prepare Christmas dinner, dealing with extended families…then spare a thought for the good folk up at the North Pole!

They’re really really busy just now; making last-minute preparations before Santa makes his round the world trip on Christmas Eve. To make it all happen, Santa has to have a highly skilled team of elves to help him.

Must like working in the cold!

As one of the world’s most important teams, Santa has to make sure that everything runs smoothly between them, so he takes his recruitment very seriously.

There are probably a lot of personal qualities that Santa looks for in his Christmas Elves; cheerful and friendly, diligent, energetic, reliable… good at singing Christmas songs?

And because Santa’s not a ‘cotton-headed ninnymoggins’, he’d want to make use of Belbin’s Team Roles too. This would help him to ensure that new elves will fit in well with the rest of the team and are suited to their new roles; whether it be making toys, caring for the reindeer or getting the sleigh ready with all the deliveries.

With Belbin, most people tend to be a combination of several key role types; some that come naturally to them, some that are manageable and some that they aren’t quite so suited to.

But Santa, as we know, is not ‘most people’. And in fact he’s such a unique guy, he is the only person in the world who exhibits all 9 Belbin Team Roles naturally! Here’s why:

Santa the Plant

A creative thinker, Santa comes up with incredible ideas for different toys every year and knows exactly which toys would suit billions of children across the world.

Santa the Co-ordinator

Santa does a fabulous job as a Co-ordinator – each year he is fully up to speed with the objectives that need to be met and is able to successfully delegate the work to his team where appropriate and bring the project together on time.

Santa the Resource Investigator

As a Resource Investigator, Santa is great at going out into the real world (in secret of course!) and making sure that he always stays ahead of the game by being aware of all the latest toy trends and fads and communicating these back to the elves. He also has an excellent network which includes Toys R Us, Hamleys and F.A.O Schwarz!

Santa the Implementer

Delivering presents around the world at Christmas – there’s no other task quite like it! Santa puts his practical and logical mind to work and is always able to come up with a strategy to ensure that all presents are delivered on time and as efficiently as possible across the world!

Santa the Completer-Finisher

Santa would never let a toy leave the workshop without it being perfect; that’s because he’s a fab completer-finisher and makes sure he scrutinizes all the toys to make sure they are up to the North Pole’s highest standards!

Santa the Team Worker

With a large team of elves and reindeer, Santa hones his Team Working skills and tries to ensure that the team gets along and gels well together; no arguing or conflict allowed at the North Pole!

Santa the Shaper

With a task like his, Santa needs to be able to drive his entire team (and reindeer) and give them the momentum to finish the project on time and to the highest standards. One day – hundreds of countries – billions of children – now that’s task focused!

Santa the Specialist

Christmas only falls on one day -25th December – but Santa spends the other 364 days focussing on it! There’s no other guy in the world that can do his job! He is completely specialised in his field, and what a grand job he does!

Santa the Monitor Evaluator

As lastly…of course, only good boys and girls get presents from Santa, therefore he has to be a good Monitor-Evaluator to scan his logical eye over the naughty/nice list and decide on who should receive presents. Or a lump of coal. (FYI Santa – I’ve been a very good girl this year!)

Reading through Santa’s roles, do you see your own traits in any of them? Do you wonder what your own natural team roles would be, or whether the people in your own team have a good mix of roles between them? Do you have an upcoming vacancy and want to know if your candidates will suit the role and the team? Or do you just fancy joining Santa’s team?!

If so, then why not take part in your own some of our Belbin exercise? Whether it’s a matching a person to a job, finding out the roles of your team, or even if you’re just curious to know your own strengths and allowable weaknesses –  why not get in touch and we can help!