Holidays are coming!

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‘Holidays are coming…holidays are coming…” it sang, as my brain tried to take it all in.

Apologies if that’s set alarm bells ringing in your head – but if it has, then I know how you feel…as it was only earlier this week that I realised how near it was myself….

That’s right…it was that special Coca Cola advert and it was only then that it dawned on me…it’s only 37 days ‘til Christmas!

The run up to Christmas can be a hectic time of year; so many things to prepare for and organise, and the closer it gets to the big day, the less time we have to do some of the things we wanted to…

That’s why we’d like to remind you now about some of the great charity appeals that are going on in Aberdeen at the moment:

Helping the vulnerable and homeless

Can you imagine what spending Christmas without a home must be like? It’s something that none of us would want to experience, but for many homeless people around Aberdeen– that’s exactly what they’re facing this year. Christmas can be a difficult time for charities, as they stuggle to help maintain their services over the festive period. If you want to give a little extra support to homelsss people in the area, then two charities that sping to mind are:

Caring Christmas Trees

If you like to buy a real tree each year, then this year why not buy one that is both sustainable and supports a good cause? All the profits from each Caring Christmas Tree (lovely fresh Nordman firs) go to the Bethany Christian Trust in Aberdeen, which is used to help vulnerable and homeless people in the area.

Cyrenians Christmas Appeal

The Aberdeen Cyrenians are hoping to raise £30,000 to help keep some of their services going over the Christmas period; including Street Alternatives (a project allowing rough sleepers and clients staying in temporary accommodation to have access to shelter, food, showers as well as a laundry service) as well as providing clients with a card, a present, celebratory meals, entertainment and companionship over Christmas and New Year.

Helping vulnerable children

There’s nothing better than seeing the look on kids’ faces at Christmas – it’s such a magical and special time for them. But for some kids, and for a range of reasons, Christmas isn’t as happy a time for them as it should be. Why not give Santa an extra bit of help this year in reaching some of these kids by buying and extra present for someone who needs it?:


VSA Toy Appeal

VSA are looking to collect 100s of parcels for young carers and children from deprived backgrounds, from babies to 16 year olds. There are a range of places you can drop off your gifts and the website contains some helpful hints on buying presents!

Cash for Kids – Xmas Toy Appeal

Northsound’s charity, Cash for Kids Aberdeen are collecting toys for disabled, sick and underprivileged children, from 0-18 across the North East. You can either drop off a present or make a cash donation at various ASDA stores or the Northsound reception.

And many more!

These are just a few of the many Christmas charity appeals out there in Aberdeen at the moment – if you know of any other great causes, please leave a comment below!