“Baby you’re a firework”…but what kind?

Posted on November 4, 2011 by


Remember, remember the 5th of November! We hope you’re all off to see some spectacular displays this weekend!

Of course, with tomorrow night’s festivities, we’ve had Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ stuck in our heads all week! She sings “Baby you’re a firework…”

But what if you actually were a firework? More specifically, what kind do you think would you be and how might that affect how people ‘see’ you within a team? So we’ve had a bit of fun…

Are you a:

  • Rocket: Fast, but guided, a rocket sometimes shoots off so quickly you just might miss them. A popular choice, no display would be complete without them. Although they don’t last very long and consume 99% of their energy trying to get as high as they can, they use that last 1% to make sure they always go out with a bang!
  • Screamer: Just like a rocket, but more specialised, screamers, unsurprisingly, are very loud! More often heard rather than seen, some screamers don’t produce a great deal of visible results in comparison to the noise they make in the process. Loved by some, feared by others.
  • Roman Candle: For most, it’s not feasible to spend your entire budget on expensive options like Screamers and Rockets –either the production would be over far too quickly or any operation aiming to last longer on these pair alone would cost an arm and a leg. So most will always have a few trusty Roman Candles in their armoury. Delicate and dependable, but sometimes overlooked, they will always last for longer than you expected them too. But although they attract ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ when they first begin, they don’t always have the ability to maintain your attention for their full duration.
  • Catherine Wheel: Ah the Catherine Wheel. Fast and a little manic, this bright spark seems to exert a lot of power and effort but never seems to get anywhere…they always go round in circles! What if they were let loose from whatever is pinning them down? Then they might really get somewhere! Although intense, attention grabbing and mesmerising, they always end up sitting on the fence… leaving a nice scorch behind them.
  • Sparkler: Sometimes forgotten about until the last minute, no production would be complete without them…everyone loves a Sparkler! Perhaps the most cost effective of all for the sheer level of enjoyment they give. And when they’re done, you’re still left with an image of their efforts imprinted in your mind when you close your eyes.
  • Or are you a Damp Squib?: Soggy and no use to anyone, but potentially still explosive!

So, do you feel your have a complete ‘display’ within your own team? Or are you missing some key elements? Perhaps you have the right people, but the performance isn’t quite in sync?

Do you have a Rocket that doesn’t quite realise how their explosive behaviour is impacting on others? Have you got someone with the energy of a Catherine Wheel but something, or someone, is hindering them from moving forward?  Or a Roman Candle that could be so much more if they were a little more confident?

Firework analogies aside, have you ever wondered if your colleagues see you the way you see yourself? Or how about within your own team – do they know how the behaviours of individuals affect others? If you’re interested in finding out more, than maybe you should consider undergoing some 360° Feedback or completing a Belbin Report with Observer Feedback?

If you would like to find out more, then why not give us a call?