Pro(fessional)s and Con(artist)s?

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As our ever expanding list of guest bloggers continues to grow here at The UP Blog, this week we are pleased to welcome Lisa Arnold, PR Administrator at Fifth Ring who takes a look at the benefits (for both parties) of taking on a university/college intern.

The student brain, a much pondered over and intricate one it seems, is arguably conspired by the following:

  • 40% where to earn some beer money (or rather how to convince Mr.Bank to extend the overdraft)
  • 30% where to spend the ensuing pennies
  • 20% how best to understand the complex brain of the opposite sex

And finally, most importantly…

  • 10% sheer genius

Much of the pondering over the above is done by employers faced with the conundrum of whether or not to invest in the youth of today. My view – the youth of today is very much constructed of characters that will provide sustainability to tomorrow’s economy.

College and University students, myself one of them, are best described as ‘rough diamonds’; slightly tarnished in places, but given time, focus and a bit of belief from an employer, can flourish into something quite unique, and utterly indispensable.

It is that 10% genius which can often produce off the wall, inspirational ideas that can help any business to flourish alongside its ‘rough diamond’.

As a current University student given an opportunity in the industry of my choice has given me a very attractive horizon. It has allowed me to apply textbook examples to the work place as well as being encouraged and trusted to contribute forward thinking strategic ideas for clients.

Instead of drifting off in the shower, I find the cogs of my brain consistently turning churning out new, inspirational, entrepreneurial ideas with each drop of water. The opportunity has given me a reason to not hit the snooze button for a third time in the morning, but instead to get up and truly get involved. It has helped me prosper not only as a young businesswoman but also as a person. For the chance I grasp, I am more than grateful, it is something I am not likely to forget in a hurry.

Investing in an intern takes a company from a follower to a thought leader, instantly allowing them to be recognisable as having belief in the youth of today, who could indeed choose to apply for that job or indeed be a client tomorrow. That belief, something you may under estimate, does not go unnoticed by a young person, it makes the student(s) you invest in work that little bit harder to re-pay your risk.

As in any recruitment situation, there are a few ‘con(artist)’s’ who may inadvertently slip through the net and offer very little worth to your organisation, however as with anything bad apples are few and far between in any barrel, most students are budding pro(fessional)’s who can add real value to any brand.

So take the risk and invest in a fine, young sponge of a brain eager to learn, before all the best are gone, because lets face it, we were all young once..

(Plus, it also helps contribute to the beer piggy bank, something growing up they will eternally be grateful for and never forget.)

 A little about Lisa

After leaving school at the age of 15 with an ambition for the creative integrated industry that is advertising, public relations and marketing, Lisa joined Aberdeen college initially taking on an Introduction to Media and Public Relations before undertaking an HND in Advertising and PR.

Currently at the age of 18,  she has gained direct entry into third year at The Robert Gordon University, studying BA (Hons) Communication with Public Relations, as well as recently joining the public relations team at Fifth Ring as Public Relations Administrator part-time.

About Fifth Ring

Fifth Ring is a global integrated corporate communications company with a strong track record in energy and B2B communications. We provide cohesive, consistent marketing communications and integrate our five key disciplines: business positioning, design, digital media, public relations and advertising into one seamless offering across the main energy capitals of the world: Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Houston and Kuala Lumpur.