Stand out from the crowd!

Posted on October 14, 2011 by


We all know that the job market is pretty tough out there at the moment, which means lots of people are going to be competing for the same jobs.

Well, we’ve stumbled across a couple of funky ways to help your Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)  stand out against the rest!

Graphical C.V’s

If you’re feeling creative (and are good with design and computers), then why not take some inspiration from Visual Resumé, and create a graphical C.V?

Video C.Vs

Design not your thing? Are you more of a people person? Then why not create a video C.V. and really help get your personality across to prospective employers? Check out Meet The Real Me for inspiration!

Whilst some of these examples are pretty funky, just remember that not all recruiters might appreciate such a creative approach (unless you’re going for a very creative job) – so if you’re going to go down the visual route – why not keep it simple to start off with? Or make a plain text copy available too?

Let us know if you have seen any other funky ways to stand out from the crowd with you job application by leaving a comment below.

You’ll also get some Top Tips on writing an effective C.V. on our website.