A ‘Quite Interesting’ take on team building games!

Posted on September 27, 2011 by


I love a good fact, me. Almost just as much as I love reciting them back to others (much to their delight, I’m sure….)

Which, of course, is why I love the BBC’s wonderful ‘Q.I.’ (or Quite Interesting).

Watching it the other night (Series 9, Episode 3), I found myself nodding in amusement and recognition as John Bishop had a little rant about some of the daft games and ice-breakers that management consultants and trainers sometimes put you through as part of Team Building/Leadership days – the kind that leave you thinking, “What on earth was that meant to prove?!”.

Some 'Team Building' games go a bit too far!

Of course, if you have the right trainer, then some of the games can really leave you feeling like you’ve learnt something new about yourself, your work habits or your team…but equally we know there are some games out that just drive people loopy!

So, in the spirit of Q.I. – we’re keen to do a bit of investigating  find out more; what is the stupidest/most annoying team building game you’ve taken part in, and why? Please leave your comments below, or why not give us a shout on Twitter (@uplimited)!