hUPpy birthday, sweet sixteen!

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Hip, Hip Hooray – it’s our birthday today!

Yep, that’s right – and it’s a special one too – we’re ‘Super Sweet Sixteen’! But sadly, MTV aren’t coming to film our party…

Wow – 1995 seems like a long time ago, yet the time has flown by for us. Did you know, that when we were ‘born’…

  •  Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone” was spending its last week at number 1 in the charts, before being succeeded by Shaggy’s ‘Boombastic’ (!)
  • In the same year, ‘Die Hard: With a Vengeance’, ‘Apollo 13’, ‘Casper’ and ‘GoldenEye’ all hit our screens at the cinema.
  • The band, Journey, reformed after an 8 year hiatus – they obviously didn’t stop believin’…
  • Father Ted made its debut on Channel 4….all together now… “Ah G’wan, G’wan, G’wan, G’wan, G’wan, G’wan, G’WAN!”
  • A new high-tech optical media, the ‘DVD’ was first announced – wonder if it will reach the ripe old age of twenty?
  • ebay was founded – we think the “global, car boot sale” company have done alright for themselves

Looking at some of the events and successes above got us thinking about some of our more memorable events and successes over the last 16 years, and we’ve had a lot to celebrate in that time. And, if you can’t blow your own trumpet on your birthday, then when can you?!

So, in no particular order here some of our top 16 memories over the years…

  • Incorporating “The Urquhart Partnership Ltd” in July 1995 and getting the keys to the office we still call “home”, here at 8 North Silver Street, Aberdeen. Then celebrating the opening of our second office in Manchester in 2007
  • The launch of our very innovative No Placement Fee Recruitment service in 2005
  • Winning the ‘Best Small Business” category at the Northern Star Business awards in 2007
  • The 6 UP staff weddings we have had and the whopping 16 babies who have been born in “captivity” – an average of one per year. (Clearly we need to check what’s in our water!)
  • Our 10th Anniversary Awards Dinner at Elphinstone Hall
  • Winning the ‘Employer of the Year’ Category at The Grampian Business Awards in 2011 – we have to say this is mainly down to the contributions of our fantastic Team of the Year!
  • Sending our first ever tweet – we now manage 5 twitter accounts and have a combined following of over 3000 tweeps
  • Developing our first of 4, and soon to be 5, elearning products in 2009
  • Developing our first ever website in 1996 and redeveloping it 4 times – we get more than 50,000 unique visitors to the site every year. Hello everyone!
  • Writing our first ever blog in 2010 – our main blog accounts have now had 6,000 blog views
  • Achieving Investors in People in 1999 and being re-accredited 4 times
  • Launching our innovative HR Supportal service for small businesses in 2010
  • Running our first Oil and Gas Recruitment event in Glasgow that attracted over 2000 people and lead to 3 more events with a combined c13,000 attendees
  • Establishing our associate events company, cushydoos, which has delivered the cHeRries and Young Enterprise Grampian Awards events so successfully – and have both now been recognised for their own excellence at the Scottish Event Awards
  • Expanding our delivery of projects internationally with UP now having carried out work in 12 different countries and 4 different continents – we have not been to the Arctic or Antarctica just yet, although the Aberdeen weather has been great preparation.
  • Working with some brilliant clients over the years and on some very challenging and rewarding projects
Our very favourite kind of cake!

I hope you agree we have had some great and very interesting times over the last 16 years. We would love to hear any memories you have about working with us, for us, or any involvement you have had with us since we set up all those years ago. We hope some of your UP memories are as good as ours.

Anyway, we need to dash now as here comes our birthday cake!

(Exactly how do you divide a cake between 50,000 website visitors?)

As you know, it’s traditional to make a wish when you blow out the candles, so here we go:

So, for the next 16 years we wish……………sorry, can’t say or it won’t come true.  😛

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