Who’s afraid of the Big Bad…..Boss?

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In his 2nd appearance as a guest blogger here at The UP Blog, Brian Rogers, Partner at Lewis Hymanson Small LLP in Manchester, asks: ‘Is it only in politics that managers can be brutal and volcanic?’

Alistair Darling, apparently talks in his new book about his old boss, the Prime Minister, as being ‘brutal and volcanic’, but he is not the first one to call into question Gordon Brown’s interpersonal skills and management style!

Mr Darling also raises issues about other politicians who appear to have problems dealing with people in an open and decent manner, which has led to an apparent culture of ‘back-stabbing’ and people trying to undermine each other for career and party gain!

In any other walk of life bosses have to be very mindful of anything they do or say that could be seen as bullying, harassment or discrimination. If they aren’t, and decide to ‘fly by the seat of their pants’, they risk facing tribunal claims and the reputational damage that can come from that.

The Equality Act 2010 is intended to help organisations avoid issues relating to discrimination, bullying and harassment, but it seems that some of those in government have a different set of rules!

Bosses, and ministers in government, have a duty to lead by example, no matter what stresses and strains they may be under at any particular time. In addition, they should utilise the appropriate leadership and management skills to ensure their organisations act, and are seen to act, in an effective, efficient and fair way in all of their dealings. Managers should be like swans, graceful on top even though they may be paddling like hell below!

Winston Churchill once said, “Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business”; perhaps some politicians need reminding of this and act in an appropriate business-like way!

A little about Brian

Brian is a non-lawyer Partner at Lewis Hymanson Small LLP, and has been a senior executive within the legal profession for 20 years; he has substantial HR experience and uses this when helping clients to implement employment law into an operational HR environment.

Brian presents numerous management and regulatory seminars for a number of law societies and professional groups around the country and is regularly asked to contribute articles to a variety of publications.

Brian is a Council member and Chairman of the Regulatory Affairs Committee of Manchester Law Society and is the first non-lawyer in the country to hold such a position.

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