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Recommended iPad and iPhone Apps.

As an early adopter, I have had my ipad from a only a couple of weeks after initial launch and could not live without it now as a business tool. It also provides hours of fun and entertainment too…

In fact, my wife said she thinks I love it more than her. That is simply not true. I love them both equally…

Anyway, I often get asked which App’s I would recommend so here are some of my all time favourites with comparitive marks out of 10:

Social Media Apps

  • Osfoora HD – the best twitter app for ipad 9.5/10
  • Facebook – does what it says on the tin…8/10
  • Tweetdeck – manage and view multiple twitter accounts with ease 9/10
  • Linkedin – again self explanatory 9/10
  • Flipboard -without doubt the king of all social media apps – turns facebook and twitter feeds into a brilliantly stylish magazine viewer. You can also post updates from here as well. 10/10

Business Apps

  • Dragon Dictation – turns your speech into text. Not always 100% reliable bit very useful for producing draft copies 7/10
  • Dropbox – sync files on your pc or mac with the ipad / iphone through the “cloud” 9/10
  • Quickoffice – access, creat and amend all your MS Office files – 8/10
  • Projector – project the ipad through a standard computer projector – needs a connection lead. Has some limitations compared to a pc or mac  7/10
  • Clickytouch – add a small piece of code to all your website pages and use this app to view google analytics type visitor statistics in real time 8.5/10

Notes / Ideas Apps

  • Penultimate – fab but very simple notepad that you write on just like a paper notepad. Highly recommend buying a Pogo Stylus which acts like a pen or pencil. Simply brilliant and a real must have app in my opinion, especially combined with the stylus – 10/10
  • Stickyboard – useful app for mapping ideas just like post it notes and marker pens on a white board 8/10
  • AppStart – useful introductory app which highlights other useful apps and give tips on using the iPad 9/10
  • TED – website based app with a new idea presentation posted every day – some brilliant ideas on here – bit of searching sometimes needed though to find the real gems. 8/10

Media Apps

  • iBooks – essential app for anyone who likes reading. Delightfully designed and easy to use – I’ll possibly never buy a real book again  10/10
  • Print n Share – print to a wifi enabled printer from your ipad – have used this on a limited basis so far but seems to work a treat 9/10
  • TV Plus – see tv listings for the week ahead and, once you enter and sync with your sky+ account, you can simply press a button and send a message to your sky+ box to record a programme 9.5/10
  • TVCatchup – not an app but a website where you can stream live tv from the freeview channels to your ipad in real time  9.5/10

Music Apps

  • GarageBand – great fun to be had with this virtual band app. Brilliant design, minor ease of use issues when recording let it down a little but still 9/10
  • WunderRadio – listen to any one of hundres of radio stations on the move in real time – 9/10
  • Remote – acts as a remote control for itunes – so you can use your ipad / iphone / iphone touch to control itunes on your pc opr mac 9.5 /10
  • Jambox by Jawbone – not an app, but bluetooth enabled portable speakers. Great sound in a very portable pakage that once charged provide great wireless sound 10/10

Utility Apps

  • Speak it! – cant be bothered reading? This app turns text into speech  8/10
  • iAccounts – great little app for securly storing all your passwords for bank accounts, websites, pc log ins etc 8/10

Travel Apps

  • Accuweather – good weather app that allows you to view and store multiple locations and also a cool 24 weather clock that you can scroll round to see how the weather will change by the hour 8/10
  • Aroundme – travelling somewhere new? This fab little app helps you find everything from restaurants and coffee shops to banks and car parks in your immediate area, and then tells you how far away they are and gives directions on google maps 9/10
  • Tripit – useful app for the frequent traveller – stores all your trips in one place and provides useful things like local maps on your destination, flight delays etc. 8/10

Sports Apps

  • Livescore – get up to the minute scores for football, hockey, basketball and Tennis.  An absolute must have for any football fan 10/10
  • Golfshot GPS – best on iphone as ipad a bit big for the golf course, this GPS app lets you know distances to the green etc. 9/10

Games Apps

  • Angry Birds (various games in the series) – ping birds in a catapult towards pigs and destroy buildings. With over 300 million downloads now it is simply the best game ever designed for the ipad 10/10
  • Bloons – burst a few ballons with darts – sounds easy? Guess again 8.5/10
  • Peggle – fun pinball type variation – some skill, more luck needed but interesting enough to keep you occupied for hours 9/10
  • Fruit Ninja – definately grows on you the more ou play – simply all you have to do is slice flying fruit with your finger but ninja style! 8/10
  • AirAttack HD- great value for money aeroplane shooter 8.5/10
  • Cut the Rope – intersting puzzler which requires dexterity and a bit of brainpower 9/10
  • Scrabble – the old family favourite, delivered well on the ipad 9/10

Apps for Kids

  • Toy Story – well designed free book from disney with some interactive games 8/10
  • Gunu – simple jigsaw puzzles that you can colur in when completed 8/10
  • Koi Pond – why buy a gold fish when you can have a virtual Koi Carp pond? 7/10

Let me know any of your favourite apps by leaving a comment below.

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