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How Harry Potter got me thinking about ‘opening doors’ to a better career

The other night I was watching the 50 Greatest Harry Potter moments with my children and one of their friends.  As the countdown from 50 downwards started there was much speculation about which clips would be in the top 10, given that they had so many great moments to choose from.

For the Harry Potter fans amongst you, I was rooting for when Harry and Ron attempt to get onto platform 9 ¾ for the first time but the children liked everything from Moaning Myrtle to Dobby being given a sock.  

This set me thinking about what I might view as the Top 10 greatest moments in my career and I must confess I found this a little difficult.  I wonder how many people can think of 10 really great experiences in their careers? I certainly had a few key moments that came to mind but getting to a full 10 is a bit more challenging – not quite so many to choose from as Harry and friends.

If, like me, you too find this difficult, then perhaps we need to do something about it so that if we were to do the same exercise 5 or 10 years from now it is a little easier.

I would imagine that for most people, their number 1 career moment might be reaching their ultimate career goal (whatever it may be). If you think of your own goals – how close are you currently to reaching them? Is there anything that you could do to help you along the way?

Unlike our wizarding friends, we sadly don’t have spells like ‘Alohomora’ that will automatically open doors for us  – but we can improve our own personal development with activities such as training, mentoring or coaching to help us make the right steps.

As the countdown continued, we finally reached the number one moment – when Harry and the other new first years see Hogwarts School appearing magically on the horizon for the first time.  

I think this clip was chosen because the viewer could really sense the anticipation of things to come.  If we could ask JK Rowling to write the next chapter in our careers what would we like to see on the horizon?