“Overweight” Companies

Posted on November 30, 2010 by


It’s not just people who put on weight – companies do it as well.

When the economy is growing, companies tend to “over indulge”. They add a little extra resource here and there, don’t worry quite as much what they spend their bumber profits on and are less concerned with efficiency and effectiveness. During the good times, companies can easily become couch potatoes.

Then a recession hits and all the excess company “weight” needs to be lost. Often very quickly. Most people will know, putting on weight is very easy, losing weight is much more difficult. Most business I know have had to reduce staff numbers in some way over the last couple of years – from first hand experience it’s a painful thing to do.

So as we head out of this recession and the economy starts to grow again, is your business going to “balloon up in weight” again or will you keep yourself “lean and mean”?

Smart companies will have learned their lesson and will start to look after themselves by keeping “fit and healthy” and ensuring there are always the “right size”. They’ll do this by outsourcing any non-essential services, keeping a lean core staff resource and supplimenting this with associates, contractors or professional service providers on an as required basis. They will also “exercise” their resources regularly through effective training and development. They will also start to think differently about exactly what they “consume” and how often they “consume” it.

Little and often is definately healthier; there is a rapidly growing demand for “bite-sized” offerings in our business – take our WOW training flyer or free lunch and learn sessions for example.

I hope you’ll agree that this approach makes much more sense for any business who wants to keep to their right size avoid over indulgance again.

Campbell Urquhart

Managing Director

The Urquhart Partnership Ltd.