Lessons in business from a 4 year old

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I have a 4 year old daughter, Katy (pictured).  I realised the other day she could teach me a lot about how to run a business.

She gives everything 100%, invariably at 100 miles an hour
She is highly motivated and can find delight when undertaking the most boring of routine tasks – she can even get excited doing the dusting.
She has excellent prioritisational skills – she focuses all her energy on the one single most important thing that is in front of her at any given time
She has more creative thoughts in a single day than the average grown up has in a year
She is an expert networker – she can become best friends with a complete stranger in under 2 minutes
She doesn’t hold a grudge – if she falls out with someone she normally expertly patches things up within an hour
She would make an excellent consultant, especially in root cause analysis using the very probing “Why is…” questioning technique
She tells it exactly as it is – she can be as brutally honest as Simon Cowell when her opinion is sought.
She understands the concept of money but is not motivated by it (not yet anyway). She would be happy being paid buttons. Chocolate ones.
She does not discriminate against nor judge people by skin colour, disability, social background or looks. She is also not scared to talk openly about any of these subjects.
She has exceptional IT skills, taking to new technology like a duck to water – at age 3 she could pause live tv, open iphone apps and operate a dvd player with ease.  I know some senior managers who can’t do that….
All in all, I think she’d make an excellent employee.

Only trouble is, our society knocks most of that out of people by the time they are old enough to work….

Campbell Urquhart

Managing Director

The Urquhart Partnership Ltd.

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