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Fair to say he is not my favorite football player for several reasons, but I have to admire Wayne Rooney’s footballing talent and ability to generate cash for himself and his employer.

He scored a late winner against Rangers last night (As a Celtic fan I am liking him a little bit more now…) to put Manchester United through to the next round of the Champions League. I never saw the game but it prompted a thought today….if you run a business you need to try and Roonify it. I’ll explain…

Assuming “our Wayne” plays two games a week, and kicks / heads a ball on average every two minutes in a game, that would be about 90 short interactions with the ball. I believe he now gets paid about £200,000 for that. That works out at over £2000 every time he kicks or heads the ball. And that doesnt take into account any sponsorship deals or match bonuses etc.

So why is it if I kicked or headed the very same ball I’d consider myself lucky to get paid £2 for it? Simply he adds a massive amount of value compared to me;

He generates a huge amount of free PR daily, although I appreciate not all is good, but in the main helps build the team brand and raise market awareness. He has also established his very own global brand in a few short years that leads to millions of pounds of spin off merchandise sales for the club, through cross selling of Roonified products.

The annoying thing is that the only real difference between him and me is that he has more natural talent and he has spent years and years of dedicated practice and training kicking a ball which has lead to him becoming one of the best in the world at it.

So, we need try to Roonify our businesses I reckon….

Firstly, work out exactly where our own natural talents are
Then work hard at these to become recognised as the very best at what we do
We then need to add in some creativite flair, solve client problems and add lots of value
Then we can charge more for what we do
Finally, after delivering brilliantly, we cross sell our services and products and add value in other areas

Thats how to Roonify your business…..

Campbell Urquhart
Managing Director

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