Tapas Consultancy

Posted on November 24, 2010 by


Welcome to the age of the “Tapas Consultancy”. I think it’s been gathering pace for a little while and it makes absolute sense to me.

It’s a very simple concept.

Basically you take a traditional service / consultancy firm offering and break it down into easily digestible, inexpensive, bite sized chunks – just like a Tapas Restaurant.

We’ve been doing it with our training offering now for over a year now – look at our WOW Thats What We Call Development Training Flyer or our fantastic elearning products for example.

Instead of running our traditional one or two day courses we are increasingly distilling these down into “juicy morsels” that last between one and four hours.

That way companies can “pick and mix” what they like and only buy exactly what they need. It provides a “less time, less cost” solution but the results are still great.

We are now actively looking at how we can repackage our Recruitment and HR services in a similar way.

Assessment Centre “Tapas” anyone?

Campbell Urquhart

Managing Director

The Urquhart Partnership Ltd.