On a Different Plane

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On a different plane…


I flew back from Manchester last week after a very long and tiring day and week. I found myself sitting behind two young children that never shut up from the moment we got on the plane to the moment we disembarked. There was a constant chatter and running commentary that never ceased. The flight was very busy and several passengers were visibly annoyed at the constant chirping.

You’re probably thinking I was also fed up with them….quite the opposite.

They were an absolute delight to listen to. You could tell it was their first time ever on an aeroplane and their excitement was uncontainable. Their shrieks of delight as the plane started moving, simply being pushed backwards for takeoff appeared to be pant-wettingly exciting. Imagine their reaction when we actually took off. Whoop whoop indeed.

From their sheer joy at getting “free crisps and juice” to the novelty of the window blinds and folding table, they were enthralled and entertained throughout the entire flight. The highlight being when we passed through some unexpected and bumpier than average turbulence which had most passengers frowning and fretting but had our two exuberant novice flyers jumping with joy. It really brightened my day and made the flight quite literally fly by…..

I think there are some simple yet important lessons to be learned from this in a business context. How often do we take everyday work related things for granted and tackle them with a less than enthusiastic attitude? Whether it’s our colleagues, our working environment or the technology we use, there are no doubt dozens of times during the working day when we tend to have more limited enthusiasm for anything we think of as run of the mill…like getting on yet another flight home.

How excited do you get at thought of attending the weekly operations meeting, writing a report, processing the monthly accounts or going to visit a client?

So the next time you are away to do something at work you are not overly enthused about, think about those two first time flyers who had a very different experience to almost everyone else on board the flight that day. Simply bcause they saw things on a different plane….

Campbell Urquhart
Managing Director
The Urquhart Partnership Ltd.

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