Yellow Mini Syndrome

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Funny old thing Yellow Mini Syndrome.

I’m sure you will agree there are not that many Yellow Mini’s on the road.

Now I have mentioned it and drawn your attention to this, you’ll start seeing them. Not in their hundreds and probably not straight away but you will start seeing them. Thats a promise. Or, more appropriately, you’ll start noticing them. And, when you see one, hopefuly you’ll think back to this post.

So what’s this to do with the world of business. Very simple. Business opportunities pass us by every day without us noticing them. Then, at some point in time, our antennae are switched on by a conversation with someone or noticing something different that sticks in our mind for a little while;

You hear about a company that specialises in repairing double glazing that has misted up because the seal has gone between the glass panes

A friend raves about the quality of service from a company that fixes broken games consoles and returns them the same day

You hear about a company that specialse in sourcing, selecting, managing and developing people

Funnily enough, all of a sudden you start spotting opportunities;

My friend said their Wii had just broken – I should let them know…

Visited my parents last week – couldn’t see out the front window – it had misted up….

You are talking to a client that has a problem retaining their staff…

The Urquhart Partnership doesn’t fix games consoles or repair double glazing, but we have expertise in helping businesses source, select, manage and develop their people more effectively.

So next time you are speaking to a company who has a Human Resources, Training or Recruitment problem and you think they might benefit from some help, remember the Yellow Mini and think of The Urquhart Partnership.

So what’s in in it for you I hear you ask?

Simple. Tell us below or email me at what your own Yellow Mini offering is and I’ll keep my eyes open for any opportunities. Maybe some of the other people reading this Blog will do this also.

And if we do, a funny thing might just happen…

Campbell Urquhart

Managing Director

The Urquhart Partnership Ltd.

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