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I really like the concept of the freemium business model – where you give away something for nothing but charge for premium, added value services. Just like Linkedin does.

However, I’ve struggled to think how we could make it work in The Urquhart Partnership which has traditionally been about delivering Human Resources, Training and Recruitment services on a face to face basis.

Then I finally cracked it…

We have hundreds of HR related documents (policies and procedures, forms, letter templates, training handouts, guidance notes etc.) that we have developed over the years both internally and for our clients.

They are generally sitting gathering “virtual dust” on our server but could be useful to lots of small businesss in particular. So I thought why not check they are still relevant, up to date and then upload them to an online portal for people to freely download them.

And, while we are at it, we could also throw in lots of other useful free stuff like FAQ’s and practical HR related tips…

That was a couple of months ago and a few days back we went live with the draft portal site.

It’s still very much a work in progress and will be for quite a while as we continue to add lots of additional free content. We now have almost 250 documents, FAQ’s, useful weblinks and such like on the portal and are adding new content regularly.

And all of this is free…

We have been busy setting up free access to the demo site and have just agreed a deal with an organisation to provide their 2000+ members with free access from next month. That’s a very exciting development…

We are planning to keep giving access away for nothing (for now anyway) as we expect to generate renevue through the delivery of our premium / added value services.

If you are at all interested, you can have a look at the overall concept at

As this is an innovative new offering for us, I would really love to hear any feedback, comments, thoughts etc. So please drop me a comment here or email me at

Campbell Urquhart
Managing Director
The Urquhart Partnership

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