Bad days

Posted on July 3, 2010 by


I had a very bad day today, but….

I had an enjoyable first 27 years of life, a brilliant last 15 years, an unforgettable day out 8 years ago, a terrible year 5 years back, the best life moment to date about 4.5 years ago, 24 months of stress of late, a heart breaking time 18 months ago, a life changing moment 6 months ago, an amazing and completely sh*te last 4 weeks at the same time, followed by a brilliant couple of days 2 weeks ago and possibly one of the worst days I’ve ever had in my life today.

Gotta love life’s ups and downs….

I have a kids birthday party and BBQ tomorrow with my daughter who I’ve hardly seen for 4 weeks. I’ve decided we’ll have a fantastic day…even if it snows.

To everyone having a great day today – treasure it, as tomorrow may well be completely pants.

To everyone having a bad day today – just look forward to tomorrow…

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